We are Shree Enterprises

"Safe & Secure Solutions is a leading manufacturer of cleaning,sanitizing and maintenance chemicals.Our high quality liquid,freshners and wiping products offer solutions to multiple companies every day.Presently we are suppling to all the leading Hospitals,Supermarkets and Restaurants.We are conducting business in a ethically and socially responsible manner as well as ensuring the effective management of environmental issues.We are focused on sustainable development in order to meet the needs of the preset without compromising future generations as well as focusing on customizing the products to the greatest extent depending on the needs.

One of the primary ways in which we can help our customers acheive the same objectives is by minimizing their chemical usage.All our products are of high quality,with less required to complete the task compared to typical alternatives.Additionaly,most of our range is provided as a concentrate to which water is added locally,saving unnecessary transport and packaging.Whether cleaning/sanitizing hands/surfaces/household appliances and maintaining a hygiene environment.Safe & Secure work closely with customers to identify best practice and the maximum opportunity for cost savigs and safe environment.We are GMP certified and Trademark Registered.We select ingredients and develop formulations to ensure safety and to optimize the sustainability of our finished products during its lifecycle.Safe & Secure comply with all applicable regulations to ensure that our products are safe for people and the environment.

Whenever possible,we offer water based products as an alternative to solvent based and provide concentrated professional products to reduce our environmental impact.Safe & Secure use recycled material whereever possible and ensure that all packaging and components are able to be recycled.Our product range covers the major segment of clearing needs.
OUR VISION: A healthy and safe world where people are free to live their lives.
OUR MISSION: To protect & care for people every day by pioneering future focused cleaning and hygiene technologies.
BRANDVALUES: Brand Values are what we stand for and believe in, they act as our guiding principles and set the standard for how our brand should behave in the world.

We are Safe & Trusted

Our clients know that having the support of industry professionals at Shree Enterprises is essential to ensure that the use of hazardous chemicals is done in a safe and compliant manner.We support our clients with comprehensive training,onging safety education on chemical use and expert advice for the best product to use in any situation.

We are Flexible & Dependable

We recognise that our clients value our honest,reliability and professionalism in a trusted working relationship and we work tirelessly to keep their daily business operationg seamlessly.We understand that in any busy environment having a dependable and consistent service is essential to our customer's business success.

Our Quality

Our commitment to our customers is to procure and supply the best quality chemicals and consumables at affordable prices.We stock a variety of brands to meet any budget and offer smart solutions in getting the job done faster and safer.With our Safe & Secure Promise,you can be rest assured that we take your satisfaction seriously.